Taste of the South East

Perth's Most Acclaimed Vietnamese Restaurant

Soup Bowl


Our Traditional Hofan Soups are prepared daily by our specialised  Phở Chefs



We offer a wide range of Noodles in offered dry, soup, and stir fried 



We offer a variety of traditional Vietnamese Entrees to suit any fussy eater


Our Story Begins In The South East

Even though a relatively small country Vietnam has mastered the culinary arts  over many generations through the use of local herbs and spices. Vietnamese food is known to be lite yet fulfilling and with over 20 years of experience in Perth and Vietnam, our chefs pride themselves on producing quality and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. With a wide menu selection we hope to invigorate your senses and bring your taste buds to the little country of the East, Vietnam.

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"When eating fruit, remember who planted the tree"

Vietnamese Proverb

Pho Phong